Friday, March 24, 2017


My sister-in-law texted me last night wondering if I had something essential-oil wise for my niece (she has a cold with drainage and a tummy ache).  I looked at all of my info and checked what oils I had on hand and came up with this blend. 

*Note:  My little niece has a tummy ache because of her cold w/drainage.  If you are ever worried about your child's tummy ache, seek advice from your medical professional.  

Tummy Hurts Essential Oil Blend Children 5+
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Friday, March 17, 2017


céad míle fáilte!! (a hundred thousand welcomes)

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If I am ever in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, my #1 wish would be to take a trip to Blarney Castle in Cork and kiss the Blarney Stone....Just so I could say that I actually did it!

Until then, I'll celebrate this day by trying to not get pinched and enjoying some red potatoes with my meal for supper.  But I will skip the cabbage and corned beef....Yep, my maiden name might be Hamilton but those two food items have yet to grow on me.  LOL!

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!!!  


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