Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Makings of Plantain Salve

Plantain....that humble little weed that most people like to kill and get rid of. It is so useful and so beneficial and I am totally in LOVE with its beautiful green-ness!!! Right now, it is in the infusing stage. I took the leaves and wilted them overnight, because I read that the moisture in fresh leaves can cause the oil to become "yukky" and I don't want that! After I poured oil over them, I ran a spatula down the sides to get out the excess air bubbles. Oh, and also....make sure that your leaves are totally covered in oil because, once again, I read that if you don't do this, then some of the plant material could mold. And, I totally do NOT want that!!

I decided to dry the remaining plantain leaves and store them for a later time. I will refresh my memory (via google....haha) and let you know how much of the dried plantain you should use, in olive oil, if you decide to do that instead of using the wilted leaves.

There is no exact science required here....Just fill the jar about 1/2 to 3/4 full of wilted plantain leaves and then cover with olive olive.  I used the extra virgin olive oil that I purchased at my local Aldi store.  I like to sit my jar on a sunny windowsill and let everything infuse for about 2-3 weeks.  For the covering on the jar, I just used a square of paper toweling and screwed on a canning ring.  

In a few weeks, I will have lovely plantain-infused olive oil just ready for salve-making.  I can't wait!!

Until next time,



  1. Now keep writing, I missed you!
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make my own lotions. In fact, I was thinking about going to the health food store today to get some thyroid meds and coconut oil.

  2. SONYA ANN!!! Hi there!! Yes, I plan to keep writing now that I am back on Blogger! I also LOVE to make my own lotions and potions, as my neighbor calls them. haha.