Friday, October 13, 2017


Did you know that it is so easy to make your own natural, skin-nourishing deodorant??  It is True! You Can!!

When I came across this recipe in Andrea Butje's book, "Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health & Home," I was really excited.  I have been looking for an all-natural solid deodorant that uses only minimal ingredients (with no baking soda!) plus essential oils and with this recipe, I have found a winner!

This makes about 6-8 .35 oz deodorant tubes (depending on how much you fill)

.5 oz beeswax
.5 oz jojoba oil
 1 oz coconut oil

Woodsy Aroma
10 drops Cypress essential oil
 5 drops distilled Lime essential oil

Floral Aroma
10 drops Geranium essential oil
 5 drops Orange essential oil

Take a wide soup pan (3 quart or bigger) and a 16oz Pyrex measuring cup. You want the Pyrex to fit inside the pot.  Fill the pan about 1/4 full of water, put the Pyrex cup in that pan, and use these as a double boiler.  Once the water boils, lower it to a simmer and add the beeswax and the jojoba, stirring frequently.  Once these have melted, add in the coconut oil.  Leave on the heat only until melted.

Once melted, add the essential oils listed above (either the Woodsy Aroma essential oil OR the Floral Aroma essential oils).  

Immediately pour the liquid into the deodorant tubes and cover.  Wait a few minutes before applying. 

**You can create your own aromas, just use no more than 15 total drops.  You also want to make sure that you use only skin-nourishing oils.  


  1. I've never tried making my own deodorant - this sounds like a great project! I used Tom's Lavender deodorant FOREVER - they changed the scent & formula awhile back and I've been searching for a replacement, without success, ever since. Looking forward to giving this a try :)

  2. You'll have to come back and let me know how you like it!! I love using Lavender and Geranium together. :)