Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Who Doesn't love a review that ends with a Giveaway?! That's right....A Giveaway!! Whoo HOo!! And, this giveaway has a super-funny beginning!!

My kids surprised me back in December of this year with tickets to see Jeff Dunham in concert.  I was beyond excited.  Jeff Dunham. And Peanut! PEANUT!! Live! On Stage! And we had almost front-row seats.  We were in like the 3rd or 4th row...and had a great view of PEANUT! (oh, and also Jeff Dunham...but who cares about him?!)  LOL... Just Kidding, Jeff.  :)

Anyway, during the show, Jeff started interacting with someone in the front row and asked this guy what he does for a living.  So, the guy starts talking about this product called Sit Scent.  And that it is a spray for the toliet.  Well, that is all Jeff Dunham needed.  That interaction between him and the "poop guy" became one of the highlights of the show!!!  After the show, I looked up the product that the fella was talking about and commented on Jeff Dunham's FB page.  From there, I was contacted by the "poop guy" and BAM! Next thing you know, I'm ordering product and was sent two additional bottles to giveaway to my blog readers.  And that is where YOU come in!!

What? You haven't heard of Sit Scent? Let me tell you a little about this product: 
  •  Wonderful Mild Lemongrass Scent
  • Natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals
  • Highly concentrated to reduce usage
  • A natural replacement for aerosols
  • Leaves a fresh scent (even after flushing)
I have been making my own version of toilet spray for some time now, and love the use of lemongrass essential oil in my concoctions.  But, I gotta tell ya....this spray puts my homemade version to shame.  It really works well at masking odors. This is from their site:

Sit Scent Toilet Spray is a remarkable and innovative product that doesn’t cover up unpleasant bathroom odors.  It traps the odor below the water surface preventing the odor from entering the air, leaving the room smelling fresh and clean.   Just shake, spray the toilet water 3-4 times, and sit.

I even spray a spritz or two in the air to really freshen up things.  Lemongrass is such a wonderful essential oil for odors.  And, I'm all about the essential oils!  

To enter this giveaway to win the two bottles that you see in the picture, ALL you have to do is comment that you checked out Sit Scents Website or their Facebook Page and tell me one thing that you find interesting about their product.  That's it!!  

If you decide to comment as "Anonymous," please put at least your first name after your comment so you will qualify for the giveaway.  :)


  1. Never heard of this one before, but had seen the "other" one at specialty stores.
    Terri - your cousin. :-)

  2. I checked out the Sit Scent Facebook page and what I thought was interesting was the portable size! That would mean never feeling guilty or embarrassed about smelling up the bathroom in someone else's house!

  3. Great site!! Love the story about seeing Peanut and finding "poop guy" 😀

  4. Never heard of "sit scent" before now...would be interesting...hmm...Never thought about anything like! Learn something new everyday! Absolutely LOVE Peanut!! Jeff is one of the best!

  5. I love the idea of this product! The Facebook page picture of the person hiding under the blanket while on the toilet is spot on, how I feel!

  6. Linda, I am adding your name to this contest because you commented on my FB page about it. :)

  7. Norma Jean, I also added your name because you commented on my FB page. :)