Saturday, March 5, 2016


Happy Saturday!!  I hope that all of you are enjoying your day and getting lots done around the house.  Or, if you are just sitting drinking coffee, reading my blog, that's okay too!!  :)

I decided to tackle the bathroom today, specifically the tub.  We have such hard water that it makes cleaning it a chore.  A dreaded chore.  I decided that if I was going to clean, I was going to do it aromatically....and picked up my phone and looked at my handy-dandy Aromahead App.  Never heard of it?  Oh, it is awesome....There are 72 DIY recipes for natural, effective products made with essential oils.  Seventy Two Recipes!!  

I browsed through Green Cleaning category and found the Baking Soda Scrub.  I had everything that the recipe called for so I whipped it up.  And used it. And now I have a sparkly white bathtub once again. Who Knew that my tub could be so beautiful?!  haha

1 cup baking soda (8 oz)
3 T castile soap* (I have Dr. Bronners that I purchased from ePantry
1 T white vinegar
15 drops Lavender (I used English Lavender - lavandula angustifolia)
10 drops White Pine (wonderful as a disinfectant...and smells great!!)
10 drops Mandarin

I used a wide-mouth canning jar** and poured the baking soda into it.  Then I added the castile soap and mixed it up followed by the vinegar (the mixture will bubble a bit).  After adding the essential oils and mixing it up again, I covered it with a canning lid & ring.  

To use, I scooped up a spoonful onto a WALNUT SCRUBBER SPONGE (seriously the best sponge I have ever used) and scrubbed away.  

*I have also used Dawn dish soap in a pinch
**Can also use a 10 or 12 oz wide mouth PET plastic jar with fitted top. 

Now that my tub is all sparkly clean, I'm on to the next chore....which is the sink.  

Happy Cleaning Everyone!!  

Or be like my cat....hahaha

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