Friday, April 29, 2016



(This blog post originally aired on 04/07/11)

This morning, I woke up feeling the need for laughter...seriously...sometimes I just crave something FUNNY!  I also knew that I wanted to post something on this blog about tax time.  It is already April 7 and the tax deadline is coming closer and closer....and for some people, that means REFUND (providing that the government doesn't shut down).....that's a whole 'nother story!)

Anyhoo....I was cruising the internet highway and found some really hilarious tips on spending your tax return over at Won't Change The World.  I made a few changes here and there, to the original find.  Hope you enjoy them!!

1.   Give your tax return to me.  Seriously!  I'll spend it wisely!!  ;)

2.   Twinkies. Spend the entire return on Twinkies. I know food is often not a long term investment. Trust me when I say, Twinkies will last longer than you do. HA!

3.   Adopt fifty cats. This is a win for everybody involved. The animal shelters are over crowded and the cats need a home. Some people spend all their lives becoming the Cat Lady (or Man), you can do it in a weekend!

4.   Keep buying the same pair of pants from Goodwill and donate the pants back anonymously. Watch with pleasure as you confound the staff. The pants will become legend.

5.   Spend the entire wad on stamps and thank you cards. Thank random people listed in the phone book for strange things. “Ted, love the chinchilla!”

6.   Buy everyone at a bar a drink… of warm milk. Sing lullabies until you are kicked out.

7.   Hire a bodyguard to follow you around work. When co-workers inquire, look around, tell them the location of your last vacation, touch your nose, and scamper away. Then use all your vacation and sick time to disappear for a while. Let one of your co-workers “discover” you in the parking lot, disheveled and in tattered clothing.

8.   Married by Elvis in Vegas. Sometimes, memories are worth more than money.

9.   Give it to your dog to invest...he/she could probably do a better job than some of those fancy-pants financial advisors....and, it'd be cheaper!!  :P

10.  Hand random strangers dollar bills...tell them it fell from the sky.  Watch as everyone starts looking up.  Walk away...far away...  ;)

Feel free to add your own Funny below...Keep it Funny, though; anything serious will be deleted...HAHA! GOTCHA! :)

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  1. And I have NO IDEA why my cute little ice cream cone name posted twice! :)