Monday, April 18, 2016


Spring Garden Planting 2016

It's that time of year again in Central Illinois....Garden Time!  This past week, my hubby got the garden tilled and free of weeds, particularly that invasive perennial known as Creeping Charlie.  UGH!  HATE that stuff!! Hubby then brought out the over-wintered potatoes from last year's garden which by now were wrinkly and full of eyes....just perfect for planting...and proceeded to cut them into sections to put into the ground.  Next to go into the garden were onions and kohlrabi.  Along with the chives and rhubarb that are coming up and the mint that is starting to appear,  these veggies are the only things occupying this lovely large space.  Since Central IL weather is so, SO fickle, we won't put in green beans, tomatoes or the peppers until I am sure that there won't be any chance of frost on the ground! 

Speaking of frost, I have been looking online for a cover that I could use just in case the weather dips down at night and surprises me.  After looking on Amazon, I found this product:

I am going to order this and keep it on my "just in case" shelf in the shed.  I am sure that this will work a lot more efficiently than the sheets, pillowcases, dog's blanket (LOL) and anything else I can find to grab when I find out that it is going to freeze.  Nothing like grabbing everything but the kitchen sink in a mad dash to cover the garden before bedtime!  

And, speaking of Creeping Charlie above, I found a fascinating article online at Bachmans.Com.  The article mentions using Borax as a method of killing this invasive perennial with a recipe formulated by the University of Iowa.  As stated in the article, 

"Borax has received a lot of publicity this last few years and the results have been mixed. The biggest problem with Borax is that people are not careful about making sure they spread the solution over the correct amount of space. When too much is applied, it can kill grass and other plants. If you want to try the Borax solution, it is imperative that you follow directions exactly."

What are all of you planting in your garden?  Do you have issues with Creeping Charlie and if so, have you had success with getting rid of it?  And, if any of you try the Borax method, please let me know how it worked!  

Have a good Monday everyone!  Remember, Friday is only 4 days away!  :)

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  1. Your garden will be nice. I will be doing gardening work with planting flowers and veggies once the weather warms up!

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