Wednesday, July 27, 2016


When life hands you plums, make jelly, sauce, and cake! :)

Recently, I was able to pick a ton of wild plums from a tree on my neighbor's property.  The current storms that we have been experiencing weakened the branches to the point that the tree had to be taken down. Since the fruit hadn't been picked yet, the plums were just raining down from the tree as it was being removed.  Just look at these beautiful little globes of reddish/purple!!

Fresh picked plums

Plum Sauce

Plum Sauce and Juice

I cooked the plums with a little water for around 30 minutes on medium heat. Then, I strained most of the juice off and plan to make jelly from that.  The rest of the stewed plums I sweetened with some sugar and put in the refrigerator to eat later on.   If you have never tried wild plums, you are missing out on a treat!  The variety that I picked is very tart and makes a delicious jelly that reminds me of eating those candies that are sweet and tart at the same time.   I also looked around the internet to find a good plum buckle to make.  Never heard of a buckle? OH are missing a treat!  A buckle is a layer cake that has lots and lots of fruit in it that give the cake a wrinkled (or buckled) look to it.  I found a wonderful wild plum buckle recipe over at Rowdy Chow Girl.  It sounds amazing! and I plan to make it soon!!

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