Monday, July 11, 2016


I have missed an entire week here on my blog!  Last week, I was busy getting ready for a procedure and an overnight stay at the hospital.  Talk about stress!!  Thankfully, everything went just fine and I am getting caught up on everything that I put on hold.  Including my blog.  :)  

One of the must-have items in my hospital bag was a bottle of my homemade lavender & orange spray.  As soon as I was able to, I was spraying it on my hospital pillows for some lovely calming relief.  It was heaven!!  Even the nurses commented on how nice my room smelled.  The spray also gave my room some needed moisture as the air was so dry in my room.  On my list for the next time I have to go to the hospital?  A small diffuser.  But, let's hope that the "next time" doesn't come until a LONG time from now!!  haha

Want to hear something really funny about me and anesthesia?  Whatever it is that they put in my IV for sedation worked really well.  I can remember telling the nurse in the procedure room that the ceiling tiles were moving.  I was legit concerned about this.  Bless his heart....he was trying hard not to laugh because I was like, "But, But, The is Moving!"  Then, when they were wheeling me out of the elevator on the way to the hospital room, we hit a bump.  A big bump. And I apparently told the orderly, "You made my cake fall! I had an angel food cake in the oven!"  

Bewildered Look
An angel food cake? Really?  I have never baked an angel food cake in my life!!  LOL!!

Anyway, it's back to normal around here and time to get something done! There is still time to enter the Book Giveaway that is going on right now!!  Head on over HERE for more information!  

Have a wonderful Monday Everyone!!

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  1. You are a RIOT!!!!! And I am so glad that you are up and running again.