Saturday, July 30, 2016


After working most of the week on the Plum-Dandy Project, I finally have a few minutes to sit and blog.  If I ever see a wild plum again, it will be too soon!   I started seeing plums in my dreams.  That's when you know that you have worked just a bit too long and too much with plums! HA!

I realized the other day that I hadn't published the results of the two bug sprays that I was testing.  The 2 products that I am reviewed were Olivia Tree and Shue Bug.  Hands down, the winner of the two was most definitely SHUE BUG.  The bugs wouldn't even land on me when I had this product on.  I tried both products (at separate times) when I was outside or working in the garden.  When using Olivia Tree, I was bitten and didn't feel like the product gave me much protection.  I also noticed a stinging sensation after spraying, particularly on my arms.  I didn't notice any stinging with Shue Bug.  

So there you have it....TADA!  

Shue Bug

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