Saturday, August 27, 2016


Way in the back of my yard is a concord grape vine. I didn't plant it but I did inherit it when we bought the house some years ago. That little vine produced its best crop this year; almost 5 cups of concord grapes. That is a new record! :)  Because the recipe (at the end of the blog post) calls for 7 cups of grapes, I had to do a bit of tweaking with the ingredients.  But, in the end, it worked out beautifully.  There is nothing better than delicious, homemade concord jam simmering on the stove.  The smell is divine!    
Concord Grapes for Jelly
Beautiful Concord Grapes from my grapevine

Bored Kitty
Somebody is very, very bored.....haha

Bored Kitty
She climbed up on boxes so she could watch me

Making Concord Jam
Mixing sugar in with the cut up apples and grapes

Making Concord Jam
Adding the water and it's ready for the stove top!

Concord Grapes
Beautiful Globes of Bluish-Purple

Making Concord Jam
The purpose of the apple with the seeds is to add pectin to naturally thicken the jam

Concord Jam Recipe
Recipe is courtesy

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