Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It is definitely "Cold-n-Flu Season" in my little town. And the nasty virus latched onto me and won't let go. UGH!!  Ever since I had my surgery last month, it seems that my immune system isn't as strong as it should be and I plan to work on that.  In the meantime, I am just trying to survive this cold!  Not only am I sneezing and coughing, but I have some achiness in my joints. So, I set my diffuser on the nightstand beside my bed, made up an essential oil inhaler, and just rested.  

The diffuser blend that I used was one that I had read about HERE.  Instead of using Ravintsara, however, I used Eucalyptus. Ravintsara is high in 1,8 cineole and so is Eucalyptus; this makes Eucalyptus a great substitute.

Diffuser Blend Cold and Flu

My kitty decided that she needed to help me while I was working from my bed.  Look at that face....how could I resist?!  LOL

Kitty Pic

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