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First and Foremost, my favorite brand of essential oils to use is Plant Therapy. They offer GC/MS reports right on their site for each essential oil. You just click the "report" tab and the information is provided.  That is awesome!!  Their oils are affordably priced, shipping is free, and they have a KidSafe line.  Over all, this is my Go-To place for all-things essential oils. They also offer organic essential oils.  

Certified aromatherapists on staff for customer support. Support a broad variety of charitable organizations world-wide.

Pure Formula(I use the brand Aura Cacia) Aura Cacia is a body care company that does not promote the use of its oils for internal consumption, more specifically ingestion. Aura Cacia tests each oil they receive to make sure it meets their high standards. Their industry-leading testing program — which now includes gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) — allows them to guarantee that they are providing you with the highest quality essential oils available. Whenever possible, they offer oils that are certified organic as well. They are also sustainably sourced. 

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