The name, "Two Salves and an Oil," came to me as I was making some dandelion-infused oil one day in my kitchen.   It dawned on me that there were two kinds of salve that I was making (at that time) using one main oil (olive oil).....and from there, the rest is history.  This is my personal blog where I chitchat about all-things aromatherapy and essential oils, herbs, gardening, family and faith.

I do offer links to Amazon and certain essential oil companies as people have asked me about the products that I use to make my essential oil "lotions, potions, and creations."   This does not in any way imply that this is a business website as I do not own a business.  Not yet, anyway.  :)

Two Salves and an Oil
The Family and Me. I am the geeky one holding the pizza boxes.  haha

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